Monday, February 10, 2014

Ready For School?!!

Okay, so she's only 6 months old and she's not quite ready for school. But she definitely looks ready in this ensemble (inspired by the classic school uniform)! I love dressing her up in sparkly, girly clothes too, but I also love to play around with different looks. Let me know what you think!
Peter Pan Top: Ralph Lauren, Dress: Zara, Tights: Baby Gap, Shoes: Crazy 8

        Here's a better look at the shoes


  1. Aw, love it!!!! She would be the cutest little school girl ever! I think we have that same dress, Zara?

    Have a great day, love!

    1. Thank you! I bet Waverly looks adorable in this dress :)

  2. Oh my Goodness!! Thanks for your comment on my blog and SO GLAD I found your blog!!! What a cutie!!! :)

    Secret little Stars