Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's the Little Things Link-Up: Baby on the Move!

Hello, Hello, Hello! I'm happy to say that I'm back with a new post. Ashley @ Words About Waverly  and her "It's the Little Things Link-Up" really motivates me to keep up with my blogging; once again, I am linking up with her for this post. And if you follow my blog, you know that I have a little princess who melts my heart. Yes, she is THE LOVE of my life. But I must admit that I don't necessarily always love it when she gets into certain things. She is now 10 months old, crawls all over the place, and follows me around in her walker. So, you can imagine all the stuff she wants to do now that she is mobile.

Exhibit A:

She absolutely loves to play with the blinds on the kitchen door. And the first time I caught her, I immediately ran over to teach her that she cannot play with them. So, she stopped. And three minutes later, she was at it again! And I ran over to her again, and she stopped. And the cycle continued for a couple more times until.....I realized that one day I'm going to miss little things like this! Sure, in a perfect world, we'd all have Pinterest-worthy homes. But this is her home too, so why not let her explore it and get to know it better? As long as she's being supervised, I am okay with it. I have yet to replace the blinds. And hey, it's a great conversation starter when we have guests over!

Discipline is so hard with a smile like this!