Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OOTD: Wednesday

Hello! Today's post is a short one about my baby's casual outfit of the day. She is wearing a denim jacket and simple, silver shoes from Crazy 8.  She is also wearing jeans and a t-shirt from The Children's Place. FYI, I was determined to make her laugh today; you can only image all of the silly faces that I had to make!

She usually won't keep her shoes on for more than a few minutes.

The phrase on the shirt is in Spanish: "I'm going to be a Star."
 It is only $5 at The Children's Place!
If you love it, here's the link: Spanish Graphic Tee

I only managed to get a smirk in this photo.

But she gave me a beautiful smile in this one!
I love this denim jacket! You can fold the sleeves up to reveal the blue polka dots.